The Kariuki podcast ep 5 - Rockrollg

Got to sit down with Hershel a.k.a RockRollG and learn what his story is. We got into everything from always being a creative person, to growing up in Southern California, blending is cultures with his career, and how he started tattooing rappers like blueface and 6ix9ine.


Buddha Monk Of the WU-TANG CLAN On The Kariuki Podcast Ep : 4

Straight from the most legendary hip hop group( The Wu-Tang Clan), Budha Monk joins kariuki on episode 4 of the podcast to talk about everything from: Life In Brooklyn To Meeting ODB( Old Dirty Bastard) Joining The Wu-Tang Clan Performing Live The Industry Back Then History With Kariuki


Jonny ransom On The Kariuki Podcast : Ep 3 Ransom Clothing

You know who Jonny Ransom is but do you know the story behind him? Today I got to sit down with the man himself and hear what it’s like starting a clothing brand with barely anything and turning it into the success that it currently is. Jonny explains the excitement of growing a successful career with his 2 best friends, his plans about making more music, and the importance of remaining true to yourself.

Chris Long on Working w/ Rappers 101 : Ep 2 The Kariuki Podcast

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a touring photographer for the biggest rappers in the world? Today Chris Long tells us his story of working with artists like Juice Wrld, adding value to your relationships, the future of the industry, as well as starting a YouTube channel.



Eric Cui on Making a name in the Music Industry : Ep 1 The Kariuki Podcast

Would the mannequin challenge be as big as it was if Eric Cui was never here? Explore the mind behind Eric Cui as he takes us through his unique journey from touring with Rae Sremmurd to working with Post Malone’s manager Dre London.